AMC Parts Resources

AMC Parts Resources

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It can be a daunting task locating parts for these vehicles, this page will help you.

Over the years these autos have dwindled to the point that some parts have become very hard to hunt down.

Choosing used parts is always worth a shot because the wrecking yards still have vehicles that haven't been crushed.

High operating costs, restrictive zoning laws, rising property taxes and a terrible market for scrap metal has all had a negative impact.

Sadly many wrecking yard owners are getting out of AMC parts because of their relatively low turnover.

While the salvage yard inventories dwindle, you’re also more than likely going to hear “sorry, that part is obsolete” at your local auto store.

Thankfully there are new parts all the time that are being made and you will find them and many other resources here.

 Best Used Parts Options 

Used Auto Parts Market 


eBay Parts 

Auto Parts Incorporated




Kennedy American 

American Parts Depot (APD)  

Galvin's Rambler Parts 

Performance American Style 

Bulltear Pro Parts

South Texas AMC Parts 

AMC Rambler Restoration Parts 

Blaser Auto AMC 

American Performance AMC Lives 

Planet Houston AMX/C Parts 

AMARK AMX-Javelin Parts 

AutoMania ARI Rust Free AMC Parts 

AMX Bruce's 30 Yr Parts collection 

Metropolitan Pit Stop

AMC Store


Kip Motor Co.

AMC Parts Warehouse

AMX Connection (No website) 818-344-4639 

Antique Auto Parts Cellar (No Website) 781-335-8860 

For Ramblers Only 58-69 (No Website) 503-232-0497 

NASHional Auto Parts & Cars (No Website) 510-522-2244 

Packard Industries (Website Down) 973-334-2400 

Webb's Classic Auto Parts (No Website) 260-344-1714 

Wymer Classic AMC (No Website) 419-332-4291      



Other resellers that are not AMC exclusive but do carry many AMC items. 

The vendors I mentioned above are serious AMC enthusiasts that have the same passion and desire for these automobiles as we do. 

If it weren't for many of them we would not have the amazing parts available to us that we do today. 

These folks have invested years and devoted a lifetime to be able to offer the items they do so let's make sure we support them in their efforts. 

Auto Parts at >Auto parts for American & Import Autos Built Since 1945. Rock Bottom Prices, Superior Selection. ALL THE PARTS YOUR CAR WILL EVER NEED 

Automotive Parts Geek Catalog >Discount auto parts and accessories. Search over 10 million auto parts, the dealer alternative. 

Classic 2 Current Fabrication > Browse our catalog for AMC floor pans, rocker panels, trunk pans, toe boards, quarter panels, and more. 

Body Parts Unlimited > Body parts fiberglass and steal reproductions, check the pricing 

Automotive Touch Up > No matter the year or model, we have the exact matched AMC touch up paints do-it-yourselfers need to restore their vehicle's finish to like-new condition.

Hagen's Hiway Auto Parts Inc >We supply New, Rebuilt, and Re-manufactured Auto Parts from 1909 through present for Cars and Trucks. 

Jesser's Classic Keys >N.O.S. (original) and antique keys for all American cars and trucks from 1900, for the purist, keys can be stamped & cut by code. 

Pat Walsh Restorations >Weather seals, floor mats, NOS, rubber, service manuals/books, interiors, carpets, window seals, glass runs and settings & other items 1900s-1980s

Legendary Auto Interiors > The difference is quality, it's legendary 

JC Whitney >Everything Automotive 

Pro / Fit Auto Interiors > Researched products chosen very carefully for fit, finish and ease of installation Pro Fit not Universal

Randy's Ring & Pinion > Randy’s is the one-stop solution to all of your differential needs 

Discount Auto Parts > A 50 Million Dollar inventory provides the best prices and service guaranteed 

Auto Supply Company (ASC) > Online source for savings on over 250,000 replacement parts 

Auto Parts Point >The starting point in auto parts, quality OEM replacement and aftermarket parts here 

Auto Parts Place >Discount auto parts, we will beat any advertised price. 

APT Instruments >We offer complete speedometer, tachometer and other instrument repair service and restoration

Green Bay Parts World >We offer a wide range of products. Our specialty is engine rebuilding kits and engine components at mail order prices.

ACC Inc. > Auto Custom Carpets Incorporated, we offer the largest auto interior product line in the industry!

Edelbrock >Edelbrock has Cams, Lifters, Carbs and more for our AMC's 

ESPO > Springs N' Things suspension parts for your vehicle with the exception of shocks, struts, sway bars and torsion bars. 

Eaton Detroit Spring Inc. >In business since 1937, with over 166,000 stock applications. Full line of Leaf Springs, Coil Springs, Attaching Hardware, Edelbrock Shocks and QA1 Shocks. 

McLellean's Automotive Literature > World’s largest selection of automotive literature, inventory updated everyday, 49 years of serving the hobby. 

Phoenix Graphix >Factory Original Stickers for all AMC cars are available. AMX, Gremlin, Hornet, Javelin, Rambler, Rebel Machine All decals, stripe kits and stencils kits exist for every year, make and model.

RobbMc Performance > Shorty starters and high performance fuel pumps, very good stuff.

All American Classics Inc > New, Used, Reproduction and New Old Stock Parts.

Joe's Classic Car Radio > Classic Car Audio Restorations, Conversions, Upgrades and add-ons for your 1980 or older American made automobile.

Other than these online suppliers I have found some stocked items at our local retailers as well.......NAPA.....AutoZone......Schuck's O'Reilly......CarQuest........KAP's. 

Of these local shops I have found Autozone and O'Reilly to have the best stock availability on AMC parts. 

Of these two excellent auto parts stores, I have found AutoZone to have the best access to non stocked items, most of the time they are only 3 days out. 

*One tip when buying a non stock item from a local dealer, if they do not have a part number listed for the product don't buy it! Often times they will have an item that says it is order able but does not have a part number and it can sit in limbo for days, weeks and often times months....... I speak from experience =)

You are better off ordering from one of our AMC only dealers in section two of this page. 

Please let us know if you do not see your favorite AMC supplier on this list by using our contact page....... 

The roadways are seeing fewer and fewer of these vehicles already. 

When you couple that with accidents, wear and immense rust in the Northeast, 

you have a vehicle that is quickly becoming extinct.

So next time you see an AMC or one of it's ancestors rambling down the road, take a good hard look. 

These are a vanishing breed and are becoming a lost piece of our American heritage.

 American Motors Resources

There are numerous sources of information available for just about anything AMC.

Rather than re investing the time necessary to compile all this info we would like to give credit where credit is due.

Over the years we have accumulated some incredible knowledge bases, historical data sites etc. We will begin to list them here as they continue to grow. As always feel free to send us more if you find credible sources we are missing.

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Misc other registries via Planet Houston’s site

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