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Re-Living the past……resurrecting whats left…….educating the future……we will never forget the glory days…….AMC Lives on through us!

January 14th 1954 Nash Kelvinator Corp. / Hudson Motor Co. merge to form American Motors Corporation (AMC)

In March of 1987, the news broke, Chrysler Corp. was buying AMC.

Production ended with Eagle on Dec. 14, 1987, it would be the last car made by the last independent.

Jan. 1988 Chrysler Corporation announces it will halt production of cars at its Kenosha assembly plant at the end of the 1988 model run.

The site of AMC’s lakefront car factory now is home to a park, two museums and harbor-side condominiums.

Bankrupt Chrysler LLC announces plans to sell or shut down the 109 acre Kenosha engine plant by October 2010.

This is a move that ends more than a century of auto production in Kenosha, a place where Ramblers first came off the line in 1902.

December 6th 2011 all engine plant manufacturing equipment must go!

Automotive engine manufacturing facility, CNC machinery, toolroom, fabricating, heat treat, quality control, material handling and support equipment. Kenosha Engine Plant, Kenosha,Wisconsin, USA!

By order of Old Carco Liquidation Trust, owner of the assets formerly owned by Chrysler LLC announces an auction date.  

Demolition of the plant complex began in late 2012. By February 2014, Old Carco Liquidation Trust abandoned the former Kenosha Engine Plant. The city of Kenosha had accepted title to the property later that month.

“Last of the Chrysler Engine Plant coming down”

Kenosha News March 2014



The last remaining plant building, frontage along 60th street.



A few remaining fragments surrounded by rubble.


Arial photo of the automotive engine plant published by Kenosha News.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services, The EPA, and the Kenosha County Division of Health collaborated on the environmental assessment, remediation, and prepared the property for redevelopment. Concrete and contaminated soil removal are set to begin July 2015.



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